John's Original Oil Paintings Of 2015


For Information on the availability of original paintings, email John directly about the paintings for sale and the prices at

“Works in progress”…John is currently working on a new series of oil paintings from his painting trip to Kauai las February,  titled the “Aloha Collection”!

A 2015 Art Show featuring these new paintings is being planned to take place in October in Morro Bay at the RAMOS GALLERY.  

For an invitation to all of our shows, just sign the Guest Book.

“Baywood Sunset”, Oil on Canvas, size:  24” x 48”                                  Painted in 2014, Prints released 2015

“Ventana Sunrise” , Oil on Canvas, Size: 24″ x 30″     


“Ancient Oaks of Los Osos”,  Oil on Canvas, Size: 30″ x 36″

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